Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Car Wreck by the Gottlieb Farm

The quiet of a December Sunday morning in the countryside east of Hobart was broken by a mysterious car wreck witnessed only by John C. Cavender. He, along with Fred Rossow and his hired hand, tried to help the victim, but found him beyond help.

2015-2-10. Kindt accident on W 700 N
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Hobart Gazette 16 Dec. 1921.

George and his family lived in the household of his parents, Louis and Caroline, on the farm they owned. (A 1921 plat map spells their surname "Klindt.")

But it isn't poor George, may he rest in peace, who attracted my attention in this article; it's our acquaintances who were more or less involved in the accident.

I mentioned the Gottlieb farm back when we met Anna and Agnes. Here it is on a 1921 plat map:

2015-2-10. Gottlieb 1921
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Image from http://www.inportercounty.org/maps.html, courtesy of Steven R. Shook.

And John Cavender had to cross the fields to the south to get to Fred Rossow's house. That doesn't tell us exactly whose farm Fred and Olga were renting, but it does tell us I was premature in thinking that their move to the "Ella Roper farm" had already happened.

Additional Sources:
1920 Census.
♦ "George Kendt Killed Sunday Morning When His Car Went in Ditch." Hobart News 15 Dec. 1921.

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Suzi E. said...

Nicely drawn and detailed plat maps. And there is the Maple Row Dairy! I like the tiny train drawn on the RR tracks, too.