Sunday, February 22, 2015

At the Crown Point Fair

Ols/Baessler family members at Crown Pt. fairgrounds ca. 1910.
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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society and Fred Ols.

Handwritten notes on the original: "Ma got this Sept. 17, 1910. Crown Point fair."

The people in this photo are identified as (left to right) John Baessler, Sophie (Ols) Baessler, Emma Baessler (above her), unknown, Clara Baessler (seated), Minnie Baessler (big bow in hair), Charles Ols (seated), Bertha Ols (behind him, holding Elizabeth Ols), Pearl or Bessie Ols (big bow in hair), Henry Ols (seated), Louise Ols (wife of Charles), Pearl or Bessie Ols (daughter of Charles and Louise).

Together those notes and those IDs have me confused. The fashions seem consistent with a date of 1910 (though I'm a little surprised that there is not an automobile to be seen anywhere in the background). Bessie and Pearl Ols would have been about 14 and 11, respectively, in 1910, so if they are correctly identified, their apparent ages seem consistent with a date of 1910. Per the 1910 Census, John and Sophie Baessler had three girls: Carrie (18), Minnie (13), and Emily (11, and her name was given as Emma in the 1900 Census). The girl identified as Emma Baessler here looks older than 11, in my judgment (which may well be wrong). But the major problem is that Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry and Bertha Ols, was born circa 1890; either that's a different Elizabeth Ols (and one that I can't find in the census), or somebody here is misidentified.

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LLoyd Puchek said...

Well with horses and buggies as oppose to cars I would say it's quite possible the income of people were as such that financing a car in those days pretty much made it impossible. Or their preference was the horse and buggy because that's what they were used to.