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Down near Ainsworth, Claude and Mary Ann Bullock welcomed their first daughter (and only) daughter, after two sons; while up in Hobart, Henry and Anna Harms welcomed a crowd into their home to celebrate his 69th birthday.

2015-2-19. Bullock baby born
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Hobart News 22 Dec. 1921.

We also learn another name to add to the Chester family tree: Luella (Chester) Olson's daughter Juanita had married Benjamin Reiman in 1917. By 1920 they had one son, Charles.

(I like that story about the "smooth game" in South Bend, although it has nothing to do with anyone around here.)

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The next day's Gazette mentioned that "E.L. Arment of Greencastle, Ind., was in Hobart Wednesday looking after his property interests south of Hobart" — which might mean he came here to see how his bungalow was progressing. Or not.

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[2/23/2015 update] Concerning the ninth item down in the left-hand column of the Hobart News page above, about Louise Sapper Schavey Dewell, the DeWell family archivist writes:
It was confirmation of a story I always heard from my dad.

He was born 11-28-1921, so was not even a month old when his mom went to Chicago for what I think was a kidney stone problem (can't be sure). My infant father had to go with his mom so she could breastfeed him. He was kept in a separate room, but she claimed she could hear him crying and would have crawled to him if necessary to comfort him. (Sounds rather dramatic!)

When they returned home, they reportedly stripped down, bathed, and boiled their clothing before entering the house to prevent a lice infestation.

Makes you wonder about hospital quality back then!

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Rachel said...

Haha, that South Bend story. It's called a quick change I think. I worked in a store there and people would do that a lot. They'd pay you, you'd hand them their change, you'd put the bill away, and then they'd say "I handed you a $20". And even though you knew it was only a 5 or a 10 you couldn't prove it cause you'd put it away. Wound up having to keep the money on top of the drawer until they had walked off. Must be a city tradition :P

Ainsworthiana said...

Did you ever see that movie from the 1970s, Paper Moon? There was a scene where Ryan and Tatum O'Neill ran that quick-change scam.

Rachel said...

No, I haven't seen that one. Heard of it though. I should check it out sometime.