Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ruth Miller's Wedding

On December 24, 1921 Ruth Miller of Ainsworth became Mrs. Powell of Battle Creek.

2015-2-24. Miller-Powell wedding
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Hobart Gazette 30 Dec. 1921.

As we know, Ruth had been working as a sanitarium nurse. Her new husband (as best I can determine) was Gleason A. Powell, a 21-year-old railroad fireman.

Following the couple through the 1930 Census and 1940 Census, they remained in Battle Creek. Ruth left her nursing work to become a gas-company bookkeeper. Gleason remained a railroader. It appears they had no children.

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The same issue of the Gazette, in an article titled, "Hobart Builds 32 Dwellings," gave a summary of 1921's new construction, as well as repairs and remodeling of existing construction. While in general "rural improvements" were "not enumerated," the article mentions the new barn on the Gruel farm.

2015-2-24. Building in Hobart in 1921

Cut off from the above print-out was an interesting little item in the "Local Drifts" column:

2015-2-24. Divorce over some guy in Hobart

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