Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Gottlieb Family Portrait?

From the steamer trunk.

Gottlieb postcard
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

I think believe this photo includes the Gottlieb family only because I recognize two of the Gottlieb girls, and somehow it just looks like a family, with some additional relatives or maybe neighbors.

Gottlieb postcard

#1 is Anna Gottlieb — compare her photo here (she's even wearing the same dress and necklace in both pictures).

#2 is Agnes Gottlieb — compare her photo here.

The postmark on the back is August 1911. On the assumption the photo was taken not much earlier than that, I suspect that #3 is brother Walter (age 11 in 1911, per the 1920 Census); #4 Ervin (age 8),* and #5 Arthur (age 3).

I hesitantly identified the parents as #6 and #7 only because the ages look about right (John Gottlieb was 45 in 1911, Mary Gottlieb 40) and because they are standing so close to Anna and Agnes. That's very slender evidence. John Gottlieb could just as easily be the man seated in front, and Mary the woman seated at right. That's assuming they're even in the picture.

Honestly, when I first looked at this picture, I did not recognize Anna and Agnes. It was only when I read the message on the back …

Gottlieb postcard

… with its use of the pronoun youse, that I remembered Agnes' style. And then the identification was easy.

*Or maybe #3 and #4 should be switched. It's hard to tell which boy is taller when one is standing and one sitting.

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