Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fox News

Throughout December 1921, henhouses in southeastern Ross Township were suffering greatly from foxes, and James Frame intended to do something about it.

2015-2-26. Fox news
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Hobart News 29 Dec. 1921.

On January 2, 1922, some 40 to 50 men showed up to wander about the countryside with their guns and their dogs.

2015-2-26. Fox hunt report
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Hobart Gazette 6 Jan. 1922.

A separate hunt took place in Porter County the same day, with the same result — only one fox killed.

I believe that the "Dick Hoffman of Deepriver" who shot the fox was 14-year-old Richard Huffman. His parents, Randall and Nellie, owned a 40-acre farm on the east side of County Line Road just south of the Grand Trunk Railroad, in Union Township.

As for Charley Pierson, I leave it to anyone who cares to figure out who he was.

(Walter Miller, who wrote the "School Notes" in the Jan. 6 Gazette, was Ruth Miller Powell's brother.)

Additional Source: "Local and Personal." Hobart News 5 Jan. 1922.

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LLoyd Puchek said...

Well even today which I found really strange, last summer I spotted a fox trying to go after to attack my cat here in Hobart.