Sunday, February 15, 2015

Three Spring Shoats

2015-2-15. Thos. Chandler notice
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Hobart Gazette 16 Dec. 1921.

If I hadn't already shot off my mouth about where I thought the Ella Roper farm was, I could have pretended that I knew all along it was northwest of Hobart, as Thomas Chandler says in his notice. The only problem is that I can't identify an Ella Roper farm northwest of Hobart … unless maybe it's the "E.S. Roper" land shown in this image from the 1926 Plat Book:

2015-2-15. ESRoper 1926

Anyway, this means that Fred and Olga Rossow are not going to become Ross Township residents when they move onto the Ella Roper farm.

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