Saturday, February 28, 2015

Requiem for a Roadhouse

2015-2-28. Berghoff fire
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Hobart News 8 Dec. 1921.

I wish I knew where the "first bend after you leave the Ridge Road" was. Elsewhere, the Gazette gave the Berghoff's location as "on the Chicago Road [i.e., Old Ridge Road], near Gary corporation," and added: "Former operators at first operated a gambling joint in the building as the rear of the Inn, which recently burned, but City Marshal Rose put a stop to gambling there before the building burned."

The fire was not the end of the trouble; as the new year opened, the Berghoff closed.

2015-2-28. Berghoff closing
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Hobart News 5 Jan. 1922.

It was fun while it lasted, one supposes.

Additional Source: "Berghoff Inn Closed." Hobart Gazette 6 Jan. 1922.

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