Monday, February 9, 2015

The Former Deep River Schoolhouse

Anytime you want to see the former Deep River schoolhouse, you can just drive to the intersection of Randolph and E. 73rd and look at the northwest corner … but I also have a couple of photos from the dim and misty past in which a camera aimed at people inadvertently took in part of the former schoolhouse, in which those people were partying.

2015-2-9. redalbum019
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

Left to right, we have Anna Harms, Henry Harms, Sr., unknown, and Don Niksch. The photo is undated; but Don looks about 12 years old here, which would bring us to about 1928, and that's consistent with the fashions.

They are standing on the front steps of the old schoolhouse.

The next photo shows a bit more of the building.

2015-2-9. redalbum157

These people are not identified, although we can recognize, at the far right, Anna Harms, and next to her, Henry Harms, Sr. The lady seated in the rocking chair with the flowers in her lap appears to be the guest of honor; I wish I knew who she was. We have no date on this, but judging by the women's fashions, my rough guess would be circa 1925.

You can clearly see the curved brackets supporting the roof over the entrance, which were also a feature of the old Ainsworth schoolhouse. Both schoolhouses also had those metal screens over the windows.


Anonymous said...

The lady on the left in the dark flowered dress is Minnie Springman-Sapper (Mrs Charles Sapper). She was Anna Springman-Harms sister.

Lloyd Puchek said...

Rosalie, these photos are great !

Ainsworthiana said...

Anonymous, thank you for the ID!

Lloyd, thanks -- the Hobart Historical Society needs volunteers, you know!

Lloyd Puchek said...

Rosalie, I am about to become a volunteer at the Hobart Historical Society. Also I am quite anxious to meet you there. ! !