Saturday, July 14, 2018

Tent to Tent in Three Generations

Maybe Grandpa George Earle did not actually sleep in a tent when he first came to the Liverpool area in the mid-1840s, but I'm sure he "roughed it" to some degree out of necessity. Here's Grandson George Earle, visiting the same area and roughing it for fun in 1923.

2018-7-14. Earle in a tent
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Hobart Gazette, May 18, 1923.

Does anyone know where Pine Street was (or is)? I can't find it on the present-day map.

Over in the right-hand column, we see that the campgrounds on the Yellowstone Trail (Cleveland Avenue) were open for another tourist seasons.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Class of 1923: Owen Crisman

Among the class of 1923 at Hobart High School was this inhabitant of the village of Deep River.

2018-7-11. Crisman, Owen - 1923
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Image from the Hobart High School Aurora yearbook of 1923 (Ainsworthiana collection).

The "old man" whose "flivver" he drove was John Crisman. Since Owen appears as "John O." in the 1920 Census, I gather that Owen was his middle name. He was the third John Crisman in a direct line — it's natural enough to want to distinguish oneself.

Owen's sister, Dorothea, had graduated in 1921.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Duskywing Skipper (Butterfly)

Found this thing hanging around my garden. It's some kind of Duskywing.

2018-7-8. Duskywing
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To me it looks most like a Wild Indigo Duskywing. The time (late June) was right, but according to my butterfly identification guide,[1] Wild Indigo Duskywings aren't found in Lake County. They are, however, found in Newton and Jasper Counties, just south of us. Furthermore, their larval hosts are yellow wild indigo and crown vetch; I've got tons of crown vetch and some yellow wild indigo around my property. So maybe they've gotten adventurous lately, moved northward and found the area hospitable.

[1] Jeffrey E. Belth, Butterflies of Indiana: A Field Guide, Indiana University Press (2013).

Thursday, July 5, 2018

John Dorman's Golf Course

This sounds like the beginning of what is now the Indian Ridge golf course.

2018-7-5. Golf
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Hobart Gazette, May 18, 1923.

The previous day's News had said the golf course was already laid out (as an afterthought to the news about his tuberculosis-free cattle). One of these two reports had to be mistaken.

2018-7-5. Golf
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Hobart News, May 17, 1923.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Queen of the Prairie

Several Queens of the Prairie (Queen of the Prairies?) are producing lovely pink blossoms in my pollinator habitat.

2018-7-2. QofP 1
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The Japanese beetles certainly like them.

2018-7-2. QofP 2

Some of the plants are five and a half feet tall.

2018-7-2. QofP 3

I have to admit I cheated with these insofar as I'm calling them wildflowers. They didn't just pop up in my yard — I bought them from Prairie Moon Nursery and planted them myself.