Sunday, July 8, 2018

Duskywing Skipper (Butterfly)

Found this thing hanging around my garden. It's some kind of Duskywing.

2018-7-8. Duskywing
(Click on image to enlarge)

To me it looks most like a Wild Indigo Duskywing. The time (late June) was right, but according to my butterfly identification guide,[1] Wild Indigo Duskywings aren't found in Lake County. They are, however, found in Newton and Jasper Counties, just south of us. Furthermore, their larval hosts are yellow wild indigo and crown vetch; I've got tons of crown vetch and some yellow wild indigo around my property. So maybe they've gotten adventurous lately, moved northward and found the area hospitable.

[1] Jeffrey E. Belth, Butterflies of Indiana: A Field Guide, Indiana University Press (2013).

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