Friday, January 2, 2015

Fred and Olga (Foreman) Rossow

Just recently we encountered this young couple moving onto the Ella Roper farm in Ross Township in 1921. Today let's go back five years and look at their wedding portrait.

2015-1-2. st012
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Image courtesy of Eldon Harms.
Photographer: J.J. Naumann, Hobart, Ind.

They were married February 20, 1916, when both were 21 or 22. Olga, whom we've met once before, was the daughter of William and Emma (Manteuffel) Foreman of Hobart; Fred was the son of Theodore and Anna (Bergman) Rossow, whom we've also met.

Here is the Gazette's report of their wedding:

2015-1-2. Rossow-Foreman wedding
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I am wondering whether the "Burkman" in the article is a mistake for "Bergman" — Olga's mother's maiden name.

Per the 1920 census, Fred and Olga were renting land in Porter County, apparently near the Gottlieb family.

1910 Census.
1920 Census.
Indiana Marriage Collection.
♦ "Rossow-Foreman Nuptials." Hobart Gazette 25 Feb. 1916.

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