Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Obscene Graffiti

It seems that Halloween festivities have gotten more civilized nowadays than they were in 1921.

2015-1-6. Obscene Graffiti
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"Local and Personal." Hobart News 27 Oct. 1921

The Gazette likewise scolded local boys for writing "'smutty' and obscene words upon store fronts and windows," as well as marking up cars with chalk or soap, or otherwise damaging them. And the Town Marshal, in a published warning, suggested that even girls could be guilty of such things:

2015-1-6. Warning

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The "Local and Personal" column above included news of more innocent activities: William Raschka is campaigning for office in the new City of Hobart (as is his son-in-law, John Fleck), but takes a day off to go hunting; Louis Wojahn is proud of the potatoes raised on his farm near Ainsworth — though they might have been raised by a tenant, Louis having announced his retirement from farming in 1917; and Bertha Rossow gets a surprise birthday party.

Additional Sources:
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