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Elizabeth Rossow Murphy

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Date and location unknown.
Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society and Tom Rainford.

She was the daughter of Henry and Augusta (Stolp) Rossow, thus a half-sister of William Rossow and a sister of Ida Rossow.

We find her in 1880, at the age of three, with Henry and Augusta on their farm in Hobart Township. As a child, Liz somehow survived the epidemic of diphtheria that took the lives of her older brother, Freddie, and younger sister, Annie — so we are told by Minnie Rossow Harms in As It Was Told to Me; she tells us, too, that it was Lizzy who discovered her father's body in the field where he was killed in an accident in 1895.

In 1903, Lizzie's mother married again, to William H. Carey. Liz and her sisters did not get along with their stepfather (again, according to Minnie Rossow Harms), so they moved into their own lodgings. Thus we find Lizzie in 1910, as the oldest sibling, the head of a household in Hobart composed of sisters and brothers. By 1920 Liz had moved to Chicago, and was living with her sister Clara, her brother Herman, and her cousin Ella (Minnie Rossow's sister, I suppose). They were all employed, and supplemented their income by taking in lodgers.

In August of 1920 Liz, at about 42 years of age, married John "Jack" Murphy. By 1930, I believe she and her husband were living in Hobart again.

Minnie Harms says this of her Aunt Liz:
She lived to see a great many hardships, also good times, and was always a great favorite with my father and his brothers, his two right brothers. She did not marry until middle life and she never experienced the joy or the hardships of having a family herself. She was 64 when she died of an asmethedic [sic] heart, Feb. 4, 1940.
Liz is buried in Hobart Cemetery.

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