Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quietly Married

On September 1, 1922, the 15-year-old Marie Hardesty quietly married a 28-year-old Yugoslavian immigrant, Vaso Stambolija.*

2016-8-31. Hardesty-Stambolija wedding
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Hobart Gazette 15 Sept. 1922.

That she is described as the daughter of Mrs. John Hardesty makes me think that her father was the John Hardesty who had been accidentally killed about four months earlier. Out of my puzzlement about his children, I have finally drawn the conclusion that she had been christened Marie Rebecca, and the 1910 Census recorded her under her middle name, either by mistake or because she preferred her middle name at the time — but later she changed her preference. Evidence that Marie and Rebecca were the same person includes the fact that both were born in 1907 (per the 1930 Census in Marie's case and the 1910 Census in Rebecca's); and according to her death certificate, Marie's middle initial was R (Indiana Death Certificates.)

I've already stumbled across the premature end of Vaso's story:

2016-8-31. Stambolija obit
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The Hammond Times 4 May 1939.

To judge by her death certificate, which gives her surname as Coppock, Marie's story included another marriage and another widowhood.

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In other news, farmer-turned-bus-driver Glen Nelson was planning to make a little money with his newly purchased bus.

2016-8-31. Glenn Nelson's bus
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Hobart News 14 Sept. 1922.

*The Gazette spells it Stanbolija, but the vital records spell it Stambolija, so that is how I am going to index it.

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