Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Just Look at This Wonderful Parking Lot!

Evidently somebody was very proud of this parking lot.

2016-8-2. Hobart Federal Savings
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The photographer stood (on top of something) along Fourth Street, looking northeast toward the intersection of Third and Center Streets where stood the business served by this parking lot, Hobart Federal Savings (now MainSource Bank).

I'd do a then-and-now, only I don't feel like climbing up on my car to get the right angle — and there are too many trees in the way these days.

The postcard is unused.

2016-8-2. Hobart Federal Savings verso

According to this website, the Dexter Press did not bear that name after 1980. Judging by the cars in the photo, I'd date it to the latter part of the 1970s.

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