Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Henry Fasel, Jr. Quits Farming

"Henry Fasel, Jr., has decided to quit farming," said the Hobart News of September 14, 1922, "and is advertising a sale of his farm implements for next Saturday, Sept. 16."

He certainly was:

2016-8-23. Fasel public sale
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Hobart News 14 Sept. 1922.

I previously showed you where the Fasel farm was. The 1920 Census shows Henry Jr. and Henry Sr. both living and farming in that vicinity, Henry Jr. on rented land … which may have been rented from his father; I don't know.

In 1922 Henry Jr. was about 40 years old, married to the former Bertha Beier and the father of a large and growing family. Their eldest son was named Henry, too.

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