Friday, August 5, 2016

A Wreck at the Ainsworth Corner

To someone reading about a car wreck in the Hobart News of September 1922, what did "the Ainsworth corner" mean? The corner south of Ainsworth, where present-day 73rd Avenue and Grand Boulevard meet, was notorious for wrecks, sometimes deadly, sometimes only painful. However, in this case …

2016-8-5. Sizelove-Wesley car wreck
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"Local and Personal," Hobart News 7 Sept. 1922.

… I think "the Ainsworth corner" likely meant the intersection of present-day Ainsworth Road with Grand Boulevard. Hattie Sizelove was presumably coming from her farm east of Ainsworth, so leaving the Lincoln Highway at present-day Greene Street and taking Ainsworth Road to Grand would be a shortcut compared to staying on the Lincoln Highway all the way to Grand.

And Hattie's auto met John Wesley's just south of the Grand Trunk Railroad tracks.

I don't know whether this was John senior or John junior.

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In Hobart, the female population was looking forward to Friday or Saturday night and a trip to the Gem Theatre to see heartthrob Rudolph Valentino in The Sheik.

2016-8-5. The Sheik at the Gem Theater
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Rachel said...

Imagine getting into an accident in one of those old cars. It would be terrifying.