Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Trip to Casper

Late in the summer of 1922, Ella Rossow took a ten-day vacation to Casper, Wyoming …

2016-8-11. Ella Rossow trip to Wyoming
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Hobart News 7 Sept. 1922.

… which would explain this postcard:

2016-8-11. 1922-08-26-a
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Postcard courtesy of Eldon Harms.

2016-8-11. 1922-08-26-b

"Just like Main St. in Hobart," she wrote to her sister, Minnie Harms.

By the time Minnie received this postcard, she was probably already worried about six-year-old Rheinhart's bad sore throat. But by the time Aunt Ella came back, Rheinhart was home from the hospital, minus his tonsils and adenoids.

And with the new school year, Esther Strong took up her first teaching position, at the Vincent school.

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