Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hobart Class of 1922: Esther Strong

2015-11-14. Strong, Esther 1922
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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Esther was the granddaughter of Thomas and Phoebe Strong. In 1900 her father, Arthur, had married Mary Roper of Hobart (Indiana Marriage Collection). Esther was the oldest of four children. The family ran a dairy farm in southeastern Ross Township, renting land (1920 Census); in 1910 they had occupied "one of Chet Guernsey's farms south of Deepriver" ("Local Drifts," Hobart Gazette 30 Sept. 1910) but may have moved in the 12 years since. Esther had completed the eighth grade at the Deep River schoolhouse ("Ross Township Commencement," Hobart Gazette 18 May 1917).

Esther and her family turned up often in the social news, as they visited family and friends in the area. They had no great tragedies or triumphs.

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