Thursday, November 5, 2015

Forty Years a Veterinarian

The big news on May 19, 1922, was Thomas Casbon's surprising win in a lawsuit stemming from his car wreck at Main and Second

2015-11-5. Lawsuit and veterinarian
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Hobart Gazette 19 May 1922.

… but we also learn Mike O'Hearn could remember, forty years later, the exact day on which he began his career as a veterinarian — at which time, if we calculate by his age as given in the 1930 Census, he would have been a mere 20 years old.

And John Killigrew's new car got stolen right outside the county courthouse.

Additional Source: "Thos. Casbon of Valpo Given Verdict of $2,250 Against City of Hobart." Hobart News 18 May 1922.

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