Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ainsworth Then and Now: Chester Cemetery

1963 and 2015

2015-11-18. 1 image019
2015-11-18. 1 IMG_7511
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1963 images courtesy of John Fleck.

The grave markers of Henry Chester and his second wife, Harriet (mother of Daisy Chester Raschka). Those stones look as if they will stand forever.

In the next photo, behind the monument to Amanda, wife of Simeon Marble, we have the graves of (left to right) Henry, Harriet, Mary (Henry's mother), and Charles (Henry's father).

2015-11-18. 2 image018
2015-11-18. 2 IMG_7513

Mary's grave marker now is broken and lying on the ground.

This last one does not show any Chester graves. It was taken towards the west side of the cemetery, furthest from S.R. 51.

2015-11-18. 3 image013
2015-11-18. 3 IMG_7510

Here the cemetery has changed enough that I couldn't figure out how to reproduce the 1963 photo, or if that were even possible.

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