Friday, November 27, 2015

Windmill Daredevil

2015-11-27. lh035
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Image courtesy of Eldon Harms.

It's a poor photo, but you wouldn't want to ask him to do that stunt twice so you could be sure to get a good shot.

The notes at the bottom tell us that this was Roney Sauter in 1926. I have no idea who Roney Sauter was. Notes on the back tell us that the location is the Prochno farm.

At the base of the windmill, you can see a neat and substantial-looking structure (pump house?). In the photo of the Prochno farm posted earlier, the only pump-house-like structure near the base of the windmill is a ragged wooden shack with a hole in its roof.

That may indicate that the earlier photo dates to before 1926. Or not.

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