Friday, August 19, 2016

Business Buying and Selling

Some local businesses were changing ownership as the summer of 1922 drew toward its end.

The eldest of the Walter brothers sold his share of their garage.

2016-8-19. Walter Bros.
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Hobart News 7 Sept. 1922.

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Although Margaret Baumer had declared that as Mrs. George Fleck she would remain involved with the family bakery, a couple of weeks after the wedding she sold her interest to her brother, Fred. To run the bakery store, Fred planned to hire Johanna Lundgren away from the Sauter market.*

Later in September, Harry Coons, Sr. became the owner of the Gem Theater again, buying it from Herman Kemp of Michigan City, who had bought it from A. Vaichis — who had bought it from Harry in 1917.**

*"Fred Baumer Buys Out Bakery and Bake Shop," Hobart News 14 Sept. 1922.
**"H.T. Coons Again Becomes Owner of Gem Theater," Hobart News 28 Sept. 1922.

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