Sunday, August 7, 2016

At the Lake County Fair

These photographs, which come to use from Eva Thompson via Eldon Harms, were taken on the Lake County fairgrounds circa 1926, which date I guessed at because the only license plates I can see say "IND 26."

2016-8-7. EvaT036
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

We have no notes identifying any of these people. I have made a few tentative IDs:

2016-8-7. EvaT036 marked

(1) Herman Harms, Sr.; (2) Walter Dye; (3) Minnie Rossow Harms; and (4) Lester Dye.

The next photo shows two unidentified couples getting cozy. And I wish I knew what was going on with those two in the background.

2016-8-7. EvaT038

Finally, we have a photo of four men, unidentified except I believe that's Herman Harms Sr. second from the right.

2016-8-7. EvaT039

In the background, we see the young woman in the white hat and pearl necklace (second from left) who was getting cozy in the previous photo.

Note the automobile second from the right — its peculiar back end was called (Eldon told me) a turtle deck luggage carrier.

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