Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bronze for Woods

The entry in A Pictorial History of Merrillville about the Bartlett Woods home near 57th and S.R. 55 notes that the house was burned by the local fire department "for safety reasons" in 1956, and concludes: "All that remains today as a tribute to the 'Grand Ole Man' is a small historical marker." That marker may date to August 1922:

2016-7-31. Old Settlers' Meeting honors Bartlett Woods
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Hobart Gazette 1 Sept. 1922.

In a previous post, I showed the Woods farm on a plat map …

2015-11-24. Sam B. Woods road 1926
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… but was too lazy to figure out which east-west road bisected it. So now we know it was 57th Ave.

Speaking of laziness, I'm glad some nice people have researched Bartlett Woods so I don't have to. An entry at includes a photo of him and the names of his wife and children.

And the Rev. Timothy H. Ball wrote a brief biography, which speaks of Bartlett Woods as a living man though he was not by the time the Lake County Encyclopedia was published. (The free soil meeting of 1848 related to the Free Soil Party.)

Sam B. Woods, who hosted the Old Settlers' Meeting of 1922, has appeared in these pages before.

I have no idea what became of the bronze marker.

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