Saturday, July 16, 2016

Healthcare Costs, 1921

The "Local Drifts" of the Hobart Gazette of December 2, 1921, included this little item: "Timothy McAuliffe, who met with an accident at Gary last week, is recuperating at the Mercy hospital," which probably explains this hospital bill.

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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society and Jocelyn Hahn Johnson.

This was Timothy Jr., of course. A check of the previous week's issue failed to turn up any details about his accident.


Eva said...

Geez, a stay from 11/25-12/12 - that same bill today would be in the $10-20,000+ range I would imagine! And its only $60.30? Either something is not right with that bill or this proves healthcare is strictly profit these days.

Rachel said...

Adjusting for inflation that's still only about $800 in today's money. Shows you how much profit there must be in it these days.