Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hobart Schoolchildren, Grades 2-3

None of the children in this photograph are identified:

2016-9-3. lh003 a
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

Since it comes from the Lester Harms collection, I'm more or less expecting to see Lester Harms among them. I can't say that I recognize him. But someone has penciled in an arrow pointing to the boy on the far right in the middle row:

2016-9-3. lh003 a detail

Could that be Lester? Possibly.

In the second or third grade, Lester would have been around seven or eight years old — circa 1911-12. I can't see anything in the photo inconsistent with that date. It is printed on a postcard, unused, but with a stamp box of a style that Playle's dates between 1904 and 1918.

2016-9-3. lh003 b

So, again — possibly, but not definitely.


Rachel said...

I think it's him. The ears seem to match up with the other photograph. And it looks like the same boy 5 years older.

Ainsworthiana said...

By their ears shall ye know them.

Rachel said...