Thursday, September 15, 2016

Papa, Mama, Malcolm, Elna

2016-9-15. hazel014
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Notes on the back of the original photo identify these only as "Papa, Mama, Malcolm, Elna." Since the photo was in the Elna Hazelgreen group, and the Hazelgreen family included a Malcolm, I think we can reasonably conclude that this is a partial family portrait.

"Papa" would be Haken (aka Henry or H.S.) Hazelgreen, and "Mama" Christina (Blank) Hazelgreen.

No date is given, but since Haken died in June 1913, the photo must have been taken before then — not long before then, I would say, based on Elna's fashions and apparent age; at any rate, not before about 1911.

The location is not identified, either. I wish I knew if that was the Hazelgreen house in the background.

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