Saturday, September 10, 2016

A New Type of Bungalow

I found this story about a steel bungalow interesting, but not interesting enough to reprint the page when I noticed I had cut off the bottom.

2016-9-10. A New Type of Bungalow
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Hobart News 21 Sept. 1922.

I wonder if the factory in question is the old one on South Indiana Street (now the home of Midwest Products, I believe). The oldest building on that parcel was built in 1916, according to the Lake County records … which fits the general description of the roller-bearing factory in the story above.

However, I could not find any home in that area with a building date of 1922 that could be described as "just across the street from" that factory.

And here I shall drop the investigation so someone else can pick it up, because — why should I have all the fun?

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