Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hobart Then and Now: Second and Center, SW Corner

1881 and 2011

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Top image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

The caption of the 1881 photo, on display at the Hobart Historical Society Museum, reads:

The John Gordon House

This picture was taken in the summer of 1881. Mrs. J.M. Gordon is on the porch. (Dr.) E.R. Gordon, 4 years old, is on her right. Ten-year-old Frederick W. Gordon is standing by the gate. Mr. Gordon, Hobart's first druggist, built this home in 1872. (Now the parking lot for Edward's)"
I gather that Edward's has likewise passed into history. And I don't know whether the house faced Center or Second Street. But it doesn't really matter.

Too bad the 1881 photographer didn't know how to focus a camera.

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