Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hobart Then and Now: Main Street South from Front Street

Circa 1913 and 2011.

Looking south on Main from near Front St., Hobart IN. Postmark 1913. Rosalie Pfister.
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Here's a view of Main Street I hadn't seen before. The photographer was standing near Front Street, looking south. Much of what the camera recorded is gone now.

We can date the photo as 1913 or earlier because of the postmark on this postcard, and 1907 or later because I think that's the Strattan building curtain loft peeping over the Hobart House at the center of the photo.

I think that's the same little house on the north side of the second Trinity Lutheran Church in the old photo and the Lakeview Apartments in the new photo. All the other houses are gone. At the extreme left of the old photo, I believe we're looking at the old St. Bridget's Catholic Church, judging by that arched doorway just behind the first tree, and those basement windows. Here's a photo of the old St. Bridget's:

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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Here's the reverse of my postcard:


(I call it "my" postcard but it's now the property of the Hobart Historical Society.)

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Janice said...

That is the first picture I have ever seen of the Catholic church that was replaced by the current one. Thanks for posting it.