Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hobart Then and Now: North Downtown from Across Lake George

Circa 1943 and 2010

(Click on images to enlarge.) Yes, I know I wasn't standing exactly where the original photographer was. If you want to try to do a better job, go right ahead. Email me the result.

We're standing on the west side of Lake George, facing the north end of Main Street. In the old picture, you can see that building on the corner of Main and Second with the corner bay window. You can't see a whole lot else, thanks to those trees.

Since this postcard was printed by the Wayne Paper Box & Printing Corp., once again we can refer to this helpful website to date it. The gray border and the serial number beginning with H would seem to place it in the early 1940s. It is not postmarked.

Here's the reverse of the postcard, if anybody cares:

Verso of northern downtown Hobart viewed from west side of Lake George.

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