Friday, May 22, 2015

Earl Blachly Quits Farming

Earl Blachly has been going back and forth between farming and other work; the last time we saw him, in October 1919, he was back to farming. Now, in February 1922, he's getting out of it again, and this time he sounds serious.

2015-5-22. Earl Blachly public sale
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Hobart News 23 Feb. 1922.

In the "Local and Personal" items, one of Charles and Constance Chester's daughters is ill; she isn't named, and I believe all their daughters had married and moved out. The illness must have been pretty serious if she had to come back to her parents' home for care.

Elsewhere, we learn that John and Lulu (Strong) Aley had left Hobart sometime after their marriage in 1919 and gone to live in Argos, Indiana. I wish I knew what a "nervous breakdown" was, in the terminology of the day. The condition was not uncommon.

Additional Source: "Public Sale." Hobart Gazette 24 Feb. 1922.

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