Friday, May 1, 2015

Rose's Social Life, Spring 1922

"Mrs. Ezra Gilpin attended the funeral of a relative at Plymouth last Saturday," said the Hobart Gazette of February 10, 1922, but never got around to telling who the relative was.

On Sunday, March 5, the Gilpin house was full of visitors: "Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Berg, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carlson of Inwood, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Stoler of Bourbon, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Barnhouse and niece, and Mrs. Chas. Hendrix and children of Gary" — the latter being Rose's daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Little Jack Hendrix stayed with Grandma for the week.

Two days later, Rose had a visit from Augusta Stolp Rossow Carey and her daughter, Mrs. Lillie Hasselbar of St. Louis, Missouri. And two days after that, Rose went back to Plymouth (taking Jack along, I suppose) to visit an unnamed "old schoolmate."

Sources: "Local Drifts." Hobart Gazette 10 Feb. 1922; 10 Mar. 1922.

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