Monday, May 18, 2015

Amelia's Mother

The Goldmans left the Ainsworth general store in the hands of their clerks, I suppose, when they went to Chicago for the funeral of Amelia's mother.

2015-5-18. Amelia Goldman's mother
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Elsewhere, Harvey Carey is holding a public sale on his farm near Wheeler, as he prepares for the mysterious Ainsworth-area resident, Adrian Austin, to move onto it; and his son, Lee, who is moving off of it, plans to go farm near the village of Babcock, which I never heard of before.

Below is part of the 1921 plat map of Portage Township, showing Harve Carey's farm outlined in red. The land outlined in green formerly belonged to W.H. Carey, Harve's father and the second husband of Antonia Stolp Rossow Carey.

2015-5-18. Carey 1921
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Image from, courtesy of Steven R. Shook.

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