Saturday, May 9, 2015

Walter Blachly Quits Farming

I believe that now — February 1922 — is the first time Walter Blachly has quit farming, unlike his brothers, who made a hobby out of quitting farming.

2015-5-9. Walter Blachly public sale announcement
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Since their daughter, Mildred, had married in September 1920, Walter and Eva Blachly had only one child remaining at home: their son Wilbur, who was now about 10 years old.

Apparently they sold only the farm's contents, not the land, as the 1926 Plat Map shows W. & E. Blachly owning 77 acres west of Ainsworth on the Lincoln Highway.

After the sale, the family moved to "one of the Anders flats on South Main street" in Hobart.

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