Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Little Busselburg

The "Births" column of the Hobart News of Feb. 16, 1922, included this item: "Born — To Mr. and Mrs. George Bisselberg of Ainsworth, Feb. 12, a daughter." That would be George and Alma (Sitzenstock) Busselburg (that's how I spell it), and I suppose the daughter would be their eldest, Dorothy, who shows up in the 1930 Census at the age of nine.

The "Local and Personal" columns in the same issue enticed the public to the W.G. Haan School:
A box social will be given at the Ainsworth school, Friday evening, Feb. 24th. A sateen comforter will be given away. Tickets 10¢. Ice cream and cake. Ladies with boxes or cakes admitted free.

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