Monday, May 16, 2011

The Miller Land

Earlier I blithely referred to "the Miller land"; now I find that they didn't own it at the time I was speaking of. They may have rented it; if they lived elsewhere, I have yet to discover where that elsewhere might have been.

But in February 1918 the Millers bought "the Miller land" from the heirs of the late Mrs. Louis Frank.

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In connection with that purchase, I suppose, they found it necessary to file an action to quiet title.


I like these notices — they help to fill in the gaps left by the plat books, although they don't give you a clue as to when these various people owned the land. From the plat books, we know that the Passows owned the land circa 1891; the Scholls circa 1874; I suppose the Leonards owned it before them. And before the Leonards — the Potawotami?

I've heard 73rd Avenue/Lincoln Highway called the Joliet Road, but never before the Joliet Wagon Road. Interesting. To me, anyway.

If you're ever wandering around in Woodvale Cemetery and come across the grave marker of Franz Miller, that's John Miller's father.



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