Sunday, May 29, 2011

Captain Doctor, or Is It Doctor Captain?

Dwight Mackey in the first auto in Hobart
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This picture of Dr. Dwight Mackey is undated, but judging by the caption it probably goes back to around the turn of the century. Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

We've already established Dr. Dwight Mackey's Ainsworth connection … not that I've been sticking particularly close to Ainsworth in the blog lately. Ainsworth news is pretty scarce, between the absence of an Ainsworth correspondent and the domination of the newsprint by war matters (and prohibition and women's suffrage).

I just wanted to tell what happened to Dr. Dwight in February 1918. As we know, he'd been a member of the Hobart militia from its beginning, but now he was singled out for a greater honor. On February 25, 1918, Harry B. Smith, Adjutant General of Indiana, summoned him to Indianapolis; he left on the evening of February 26, and the following evening he returned to Hobart as a captain in the Indiana Medical Reserve Corps. He was assigned to the "Regimental Infirmary 3d Infantry" — whatever that may mean, it did not (for the present, anyway) require him to leave Hobart.

♦ "Dr. Dwight Mackey Receives Appointment in Reserve Medical Corps." Hobart News 28 Feb. 1918.
♦ "Receives Captaincy Commission." Hobart Gazette 1 Mar. 1918.

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