Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fred Rose, Jr. in War and Peace

Came across three fragile photographs showing Fred Rose, Jr. in what looks like an army uniform of the World War I era, although I haven't yet been able to find out when (if) he joined the army during the war. Thus far I haven't seen him on the lists of Hobart men in the military that the newspapers printed.

Fred Rose and George Sauter
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All images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Fred is on the left. His friend is not identified — anybody recognize him?* That looks like the Main Street Trinity Lutheran Church building behind them.

Fred Rose, Gladys, ? and George Sauter.

Roughly the same location (you can still see the church behind them) but now Fred (far left) and friend have been joined by their girlfriends. Fred's is identified as Gladys — his future wife; they were married in 1919 or 1920, I think (per the 1930 Census). The friend's girlfriend is unidentified, but she certainly was a beauty.

Fred Rose, Jr. (right).

Fred (at left) and friend are now at what looks like a railway depot. It appears to be a frame building, so it can't be the Pennsy, and I think the Nickel Plate was brick as well; perhaps it's the E.J. & E., but I don't know. (I believe the Nickel Plate and E.J. & E. depot operations were consolidated late in the war.)

And then we have Fred Jr. in peacetime, in some idyllic-looking place.

Fred Rose, Jr., undated

This photo is undated, but I think it's a little earlier than the other three.

[8/2/11 update: I begin to think that may be George Sauter — compare these photos to George as seen in this post.]

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