Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hobart Then and Now: Downtown, Viewed from West Third Street

Circa 1907 and 2010

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Top image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

At the right of the top image, we can see the Strattan building with the scenery superstructure that was added in 1907 — that's how we know the photo was taken in 1907 or later. Beyond that, I can't date it. [2/27/2014 update: Construction on the streetcar line running along Third Street began in the autumn of 1911 (see Elin B. Christianson, The Nine-Day Wonder And the One-Month Doodlebug, Hobart Historical Society, 2001), so from the total absence of any streetcar-related activity in this picture, we can date it between 1907 and autumn 1911.]

On the north side of Third Street is the building housing Ed Passow's store, although I don't know if he was still running it when this photo was taken.

Next to it is the Hobart House, with the livery stable behind it. That spot is now occupied by the Art Theatre.

I can't identify any of the other buildings.

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