Saturday, March 11, 2017

Welcome Back, Zobjecks

The Zobjeck family had moved to a farm somewhere in Porter County in the spring of 1921. Less than a year later, they were coming back to Hobart.

2017-3-11. Zobjeck family returns to Hobart
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Hobart News 28 Dec. 1922.

Also in that column, we find Herman and Minnie Harms both sick with quinsy — but, of course, they recovered, unlike poor Daisy Chester Scroggins.

After the family reunion at the Sauter home, it looks as if Mrs. Frank Severance (née Clara Sauter) and Mrs. A.G. Epps (née Lizzie Sauter) left for Grand Rapids. Somehow, I don't think Ed Sauter, Sr., was part of the reunion.

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