Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Make Abbott's a Habit

Today's random old matchbook cover has come to us all the way from New Zealand. Don't ask me how it got there.

2017-3-1. Abbott 1
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2017-3-1. Abbott 2

Of course we've all heard about Abbott's, and some of us have experienced it.

I took down some of what Eldon Harms told me about John and Sarah and their restaurant:
That Sarah, she was a worker. She cooked, she waited tables, she swept and mopped and cleaned. John was what you might call the PR guy. He'd stand at the cash register, dressed up all sharp, watching Sarah work.

When we went to Abbott's, we'd park where the bank is now, then walk up the back alley, come in through the back door, walk right through the kitchen and go sit down in the dining area. Nobody ever objected.
I can't find any information to help me date matchbook covers produced by the Ohio Match Co.

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