Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Streetcar on Third at Main, 1939

Here's a scan of a negative I bought recently:

2017-3-14. Car 2
(Click on images to enlarge)

The negative appears to date to 1939, based on the envelope it came in:

2017-3-14. Car 2 envelope

As interesting to me as the car is the background — the south side of 238 Main, with a barn-looking outbuilding that has since vanished.

Dan Kleine points out that it would be natural for someone to photograph a streetcar in February 1939, since the line was going to be shut down in March of that year. He also did some research on the names listed on the envelope, and found that John A. Rehor was a published Nickel Plate historian and photographer. W. Lupher Hay was described as a "rail photographer" by Dean K. Fick in The Lakeside and Marblehead Railway (2003), and it seems he once used a railroad car as a summer cottage — how cool is that?

The negative has been donated to the Hobart Historical Society.

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