Monday, March 27, 2017

Visions of Concrete

The new year, 1923, brought dreams of pavement:

2017-3-27. Concrete plans
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Hobart News 4 Jan. 1923.

From the Lincoln Highway to Lincoln and Tenth would be the route of today's State Road 51. From the brickyards and the Chicago road to Miller would be Lake Park Avenue.

Speaking of pavement — the next column we find William Raschka winning a lawsuit against the Federal Paving Co. — the same company that had recently lost a court battle with some Ross Township farmers.

The story in the right-hand column about the lecture course interested me mainly because of who was selling tickets — among Hobart's high society, we find Lovisa Chester Nelson in her little house in the village of Ainsworth.

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lostpottawatamie said...

So many dances at Deep River hall and I was too late to see any of them. But I can dream to see what they were like. I am currently deep into the life of Beavers on Duck creek,Frog creek, and Turkey Creek.
When we live as we would work and die, the streams of of Lake County are a reason worthwhile.