Saturday, December 26, 2015

Unidentified Group #2

2015-12-26. unidentified 2 001
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I can guess the same things about this group as I did about the one we've already seen — that it's a church group and probably Swedish.

This group likewise was photographed by August Haase.

2015-12-26. unidentified 2 002

This time the photo was taken indoors, in a photo studio, to judge by the painted backdrop.

To me the clergyman in the front row looks a bit like Pastor Moberg of the glass-plate negatives, but then again maybe it's just the eyeglasses.

UPDATE: Paula Isolampi, who is an officer and director of the Hobart Historical Society as well as a historian for Augustana Lutheran Church, points out to me that the clergyman in this photo is the Rev. J.A. Berg (and has a photo to back that ID up). From the church's 100th anniversary booklet, printed in 1962: "In 1905, Hobart and Miller became a joint parish, the Rev. J.A. Berg, pastor." The 75th anniversary booklet printed in 1937 tells us that the Rev. Berg served only a year.

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