Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pastor Moberg

Pastor Moberg
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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

From the collection of glass-plate negatives. This fellow is identified only as "Pastor Moberg." I can't find him locally in the census, but I found this item in the Hobart Gazette of November 9, 1906:

Pastor Theodore Moberg

That may be our rifle-toting guy. Is he going out hunting in that three-piece suit and stiff collar? — wearing his pince-nez glasses?

An item the "Hobart News" column of the Lake County Times of October 30, 1906, puts him in a different church (and gives him a different first name):
Reverend Berg, who has been the local pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church for the past year, is moving his family to Princeton, Ill., where he will have charge of a parish. Rev. Phedo Moberg, a student at the Evanston university, has taken his place.
… but I'm more inclined to trust the local source for local details.

Doesn't this look like the same place and the same time of day as the second photo (the rabbitless one) of Eric Carlson posted earlier? Maybe they were going out hunting together.

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