Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bird's-Eye View of Hobart, 1901

(Click on image to enlarge)
Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

This bird's-eye view, probably taken from the top of the water tower, is dated 1901 so it's probably about 16 years older than the similar one I posted earlier. This is a large file, but it's worth it. The laundry hanging on the lines! The backyard privies! The scrap piles! The windmill behind that building on Main Street! The white horse in motion in the foreground! Not to mention the acres and acres of open fields on the west side of Lake George.

Notice the bell between the white frame building and the white frame house just below the center of the scene — that was the fire alarm bell. (And doesn't that white frame building resemble the Red Front building I was wondering about … just with some 13 years' worth of remodeling? On the other hand, it's not very distinctive — anyone, anytime could throw up a building like that.)

Where Main Street runs off the right edge of the photo, I think that's the original St. Bridget's Church, the original frame church that was eventually replaced by the second one (seen in this post), which was then replaced by the present one. Am I right?


Janice said...

This is an awesome picture. It looks so crowded--maybe it's all the empty space beyond. . .

Ainsworthiana said...

It's all that wide-open space to the west that gets me.