Friday, December 18, 2015

Pig Pics

Speaking of pigs — as we were in our last post — perhaps the time has come for me to post all the pig pictures I have at the moment, beyond the one I've already posted.

These two come from the Lester Harms collection.

2015-12-18. lh042
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

On the back, someone has written: "Sow and 11 pigs. 1939." In 1939, Lester was living with his parents, John and Sophia, on their Cleveland Avenue farm. But, Reader, let us not rush to conclude that these were Harms pigs.

The next picture is unidentified. Well, yes, it's a man and 12 pigs. The man looks a bit like Lester Harms, if you ask me, but I need an eye exam.

2015-12-18. lh050

This last one comes from Minnie Rossow Harms' steamer trunk. It was taken on the old Harms homestead on Ainsworth Road.

2015-12-18. redalbum114

"Our Pigs," reads the caption. The photo was developed (per the stamp on the back) on July 16, 1934. The tile building in the background was the chicken house. It was on the north side of Ainsworth Road, between the farmhouse and the lake. There is a chicken-wire fence in front of the pigs.

That's all the pig photos I have right now. We can always hope for more.

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